New tool: Intune (IME) log Timeline analyzer and LogViewerUI released today:

Get-IntuneManagementExtensionDiagnostics-Observed_Timeline_v1.1.png Get-IntuneManagementExtensionDiagnostics-LogViewerUI01_1.1.png

Quick start guide:

Download script from Powershell Gallery:

Save-Script Get-IntuneManagementExtensionDiagnostics -Path ./

Run script with or without -Online option:

./Get-IntuneManagementExtensionDiagnostics.ps1 -Online

LogViewUI can be run with command:

./Get-IntuneManagementExtensionDiagnostics.ps1 -Online -ShowLogViewerUI -ConvertAllKnownGuidsToClearText

Tool makes Timeline analysis from Intune Management Extension logs. It also includes powerfull LogViewerUI which has text search, filtering, found events and GUID conversion to known names - this alone helps a lot with Intune troubleshooting!

Tool helps a lot with Windows Autopilot and any other Intune debugging. Events are shown for

  • Win32pp
  • WinGetApp
  • Powershell scripts
  • Proactive Remediation scripts
  • custom Compliance Policy scripts

Tool also shows Win32App download statistics and you can see if Delivery Optimization was working in download.

And with WinGetApps we are interested in download/install times because we rely on 3rd party websites.

It can also show possible Powershell script ErrorOut and StdOut. Powershell script may not fail but still produce a lot of errors without admin ever knowing (seen that on customers logs). Script also has many other features…

Check out project site for more details and documentation:

Happy Intune logs troubleshooting :)