Yodamiitti Oy
CEO / Founder
Senior Modern Management Principal

Microsoft MVP / Windows and Devices

Yodamiitti founder and author Petri Paavola is 13 years Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) - Windows and Devices and has over 23 years of work experience in IT field.

Nowdays Petri works mostly with Modern Management technologies working daily with Windows Autopilot, Microsoft Intune (Intune and ConfigMgr/Co-Management), Azure AD, Powershell, Graph API and Microsoft 365.

Petri has also strong background in traditional on-premise Microsoft domain environments and he was earlier owner of Finland’s biggest technical university’s workstation service. Traditional technologies like Active Directory, Group Policy, ConfigMgr, MDT, Task Sequence, etc. are really familiar.

Petri’s goal is to help other admins do their work efficiently. That’s why he has created many tools to help admins life.

Check out these highly popular Intune tools:
This analyzes Intune Management Extension logs and creates HTML report from Intune log events. Tool also includes LogViewerUI with many cool features and is even better than Cmtrace.exe ;) New HTML version is amazing! You should try it!

This shows device related Intune configurations and assingments in one view. It also tells why Configuration or Application is targeted to device (assignment group and/or filter).

ClipboardTools module
If you do any Powershell scripting with Graph API then this is toolset for you. Or for example if words JSON, XML, base64 rings any bells then there’s probably tool or two to help your daily tasks. 2 of the tools even allows you to create Graph API Powershell scripts even without knowing Powershell or Graph API at all.

Petri’s GitHub - Intune repository
Petri’s GitHub has more tools and tips